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Here at Gate One Marketing we are using lots of different tools and services in order to run our business. These are resources we highly recommend you to use too. If we don’t like them ourselves, they will not be on our list. So if you have any questions, we can help you decide which product or products are best for you! When you sign up for membership in Gate One Marketing you are going to have access to on-going training not only on products, but a whole host of topics to help you succeed. Click the name of each company to find out more and take advantage of their  content. This list will be updated based on our findings!

Data and Internet



Whether you need Internet access or a fully-meshed, secure IP network to support your critical business applications, EarthLink has a solution that fits your needs and your budget. Explore more information about the EarthLink Complete™ Data product family by clicking links above. Please contact us for more information on Cloud Computing and MLSP products.


Web hosting

We are using two independent companies in combination for our business.

The one stop shop where we buy all our domains. Your domains will be live in no-time and most times you will find great discount coupons to reduce the price even more.

This is more than a hosting company. We use GVO for most of our own and customer websites. And for a price as low as $9.95/month you can get 4 domain hosting, an email marketing and newsletter system, live webinar room and video hosting and creation services.

Other Training Resources

Magnetic Sponsoring
This is where we all learned about personal branding. They have set the standard for most online marketers and if you have any plans at all to succeed, you should at least go watch the FREE video bootcamp.

What’s Working Now?
Ever felt that the time keeping up with everything happening online is not there? Instead of being overwhelmed, we trust these guys that scan, sort and present the latest stuff for us. You will not get better advice in how to create leads for your business than this.

Building On A Budget
Sometimes you don’t have the marketing funds you wished you had. But there are some great tricks you can learn even on a shoe-string budget. Oh, you can get them for FREE of course!

Email Marketing

Without a list you don’t have a business. And once you have a list you have to make sure that they get all your updates and sales letters every time you send them and on the time you scheduled them. And no-one does it better than Aweber. Try them out for 30 days (for $1) and we are sure you agree.

Other Resources

IBO Toolbox
IBO Toolbox is a great community for all online marketers. And it is absolutely free to join and free to use. And the advantages are many. Not only will you find people like you to get social with, but everything you do will have a positive impact on your business. Highly recommended!

31 Days To Build A Better Blog
Yes, we do have a lot of blog training inside our vault. But we also learned it from different places, and if you are looking for a one stop blogging manual, you have it here. Take the 31 day challenge or read it in your own pace. No matter what you do, you will end up with a professional blog that will make you money (if you decide to)

The Power Mind Pre-Release
Have you heard about books like “Think and grow rich”, “The One Minute Millionaire”, “The Secret”. The list goes on. They are all great, but personally I had a hard time to really relate to them. And setting your mindset is one of the things you MUST do in order to become a top earner in this business. But the solution is here! This is the training that anyone will improve from. Watch the free video as a starter.

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